A collage-riffic afternoon!

As an artist and instructor, there are some days where I feel guilty for making money doing what I do.  Yesterday was one of those days, for sure!

I taught a collage class through my friend Mary Jo Weidert, who owns Wild Apple Gallery in Menasha.  We met via Wisconsin Visual Artists – NE Chapter, and over the last couple of months she’s been forming classes with different instructors.  When she asked me if I’d like to teach this collage class, I was so excited!  Mary Jo has a great group of friends/clientele who were rarin’ to go.  We had ten in the class, and as you can see, they were BUSY!


Some of the students brought their own bits of paper and ephemera, but most of what you see it my own stuff that I bring along.  I like to come fully loaded, so that workshop-goers don’t have to worry about lugging anything except their own imaginations.

And WOWIE!  Did they ever bring their imaginations – and their senses of humor!  Check out these wonderful collages and their processes!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The entire class time was filled with laughter and general conviviality.  It was one of those afternoons where, on a blustery February Saturday, it was the middle of summer in that beautiful room at Your Daily Grind, where we held the workshop.  It was just a really lovely day.  Thank you so much, Mary Jo, for the opportunity!



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