My Week in Monoprints!

What a wild week!  I was totally immersed in paint, brayers, Gelli Plates, and new folks taking my monoprint classes!

For those who may not know, a monoprint is a stand-alone print; that is, it is not an edition and is not made in multiples.  Before the Gelli Plate came along, most people either created their monoprints on an etching press using Plexiglass, or would have to literally make a tray of gelatin (EW!) and print from that.  Of course, the gelatin would eventually break down and/or get moldy.  And those of us without an etching press were also out of luck.  Gelli Plates to the rescue!  They’ve been a lifesaver!  And I probably never would’ve tried monoprints had it not been for this amazing product.

This week also marked the first time for me teaching at Moraine Park Technical College (MPTC) in the Personal Enrichment realm.  I’ll be honest – I was nervous.  But it went SO well! I only knew one of the 12 (TWELVE!) students in the class.  But everyone did such great work.  Here they are, showing off their favorite prints.  Everyone made about 20 apiece!  😀


My second monoprint workshop was last evening at Cujak’s Wine and Coffee Bar, located in downtown Fond du Lac.  I taught a collage class there last summer, but this class was FULL (TEN!) and there are folks on the waiting list, so I’ll teach it again in March!  Here’s everyone diligently working on their prints.


What surprised me about both classes is the output!  I’m afraid I didn’t get any photos of the MPTC folks’ work in progress, but I did have some time to get some snapshots of the Cujak’s group’s prints – HOLY SMOKES.  Check out these beauties!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had the best time this week, and I hope all of my “students” did as well!  They always teach me more than I think they learn, for sure.  I just let them go and they did the rest!


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