Facebook – the Tie that Binds

Well, with artists, anyway!  😀

I had coffee with my friend Sue today, and we got to talking about various social media that we use.  I told her I use Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. But the interesting thing about all three of these is that they’re all tied back to….

Yep, Facebook.

Love it or tolerate it – it’s a BOON for artists.  Never before have we had such a platform to showcase our art!  Just today I saw at least 10 of my friends post new photos of their latest artwork.  When would that have ever happened even 10 years ago?!


Sure, some argue that the art market is saturated, that artists can no longer command high prices because a buyer can potentially find similar work at a lower price.  I’m sure that happens.  But I know one thing for sure – I’d be lost without it.


My art is not for everyone.  I work in media that are just gaining attention, like collage, encaustic and embroidery.  I don’t have an art degree, and I’ve only been creating art for 10 years.  I would never be represented by a big-city gallery.  But with Facebook and the rest?  I can not only show my work, but talk about it.  I think the story helps the work.  And I can also promote my fellow artists, which is something I really enjoy doing.  Hey, if we’re not helping each other, then what ARE we doing?


Take this post, for example.  From WordPress, it’ll be broadcast to the ubiquitous Facebook, Twitter, and my Tumblr feed.  See what I’ve done there?  I’m using social media to talk about social media, and showcase some of my work in the process.  What an age we live in!  😀


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