Printmaking Extravaganza!

Holy smokes – I’ve just had the most fun-filled month!  It was filled with an art-packed vacation (more on that in a later post!), some Individual Art classes, two artists’ receptions (more on those later as well) – and I topped it off with a fantastic printmaking class!

My friend Sara, whom I’ve know through various venues in the last decade or so, wanted to host a printmaking class for her friends.  She very kindly asked me to be the instructor.

WOWIE!!!  It turned out to be one of the largest classes I’ve ever held, and one of the most fun as well!  I’ve been so busy with my Individual Art classes (which I ADORE), that I had to switch gears and jump back into the group mode.   What a great group of fun people!  There were a few folks who attended that I already knew but most were new to me, and I was overwhelmed with the incredible work they did!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that we instructors already know – one of the most wonderful by-products of teaching workshops is the inspiration WE get from the folks we’re teaching!  (I hesitate to call them “students”, because we learn as much as they do – maybe even more!)

So without further ado – check out the wonderful work that these NINE fab people created!

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2 thoughts on “Printmaking Extravaganza!”

  1. Great job Mel! I know first hand how “instrumental” a teacher in this situation can be. I also know how excited you are about everything you do. And finally just how much you give and share with others both information and enthusiasm. I learned in taking your classes that its not necessarily the end product when learning a new skill set or a very different skill from those you normally use to produce art…its the journey, the process and the interpersonal relationship that you have with your instructor and your piece that is the most rewarding. Thanks for being such a great teacher!!!! ❤ What U Do!


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