Catherine’s Collages!

YAY!!  I had not one, but TWO Individual Art collage classes last week!

The second was on Thursday, when my friend Catherine came to do some collaging.  I knew she had done some before, since I had purchased a set of collaged coasters from her about a year ago.  But this time, she finished two beautiful works!

This first one really spoke to me because I too love trees.  I love how she took three separate tree-themed papers and created a beautiful tableau, and also made some linear poetry in the background.  The colors are fantastic, too!  Those creamy muted browns and greens, and that splash of blue from the raindrops just make it perfect!


Catherine’s second collage has a completely different look!  There are so many great things happening in this piece – the woven strips of brightly-colored catalog pages, the composition, and the AWESOME zen doodle of her own making that she incorporated into the piece, which she then enhanced further with shades of green and yellow chalk pastels!


Catherine’s two collages have for me reiterated why I love collage so much – you can really evoke a mood or feeling just by your use of materials.  And her two have very distinct moods and personalities!!   😀


3 thoughts on “Catherine’s Collages!”

  1. Oooooh! Love them both! I can tell Catherine’s collaged before. She has so many “more” elements and layers to both of them that add so much more interest. It is a learning experience just seeing these works as examples. Beautiful work Catherine! 🙂


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