Carol’s Collages!

Oh my heavens – I am having SO much fun with these Individual Art classes that I’m holding!  (In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about – here’s the link to the original post.)

There are SO many great reasons why I love having these classes – the people, the camaraderie, the joy of seeing someone learn something they’ve wanted to learn for a long time – but I think my favorite reason may be the inspiration that comes from seeing others’ work.

As artists, we only have our brains.  And of course, we are all inspired by others – one can’t help but NOT be.  But it’s different when there’s someone working right in front of you – and that’s how it was with Carol!

The first collage she did was this beautiful piece using vintage Golden Guides.  She had the idea that she wanted to use the informative wording behind the actual collage, so she used a translucent unryu paper with a screenprinted design to mask the actual borders of the initial piece.  The result is a beautifully cohesive collage with multiple layers.  I love it!


Carol actually finished TWO collages during the class, which to me is quite a feat since I am a really slow worker.  And something else impressive – she completely switched gears to a really linear piece using vintage fruit vendor newsletters and a very old blueprint!  That pop of red just makes it, doesn’t it?  😀


I can’t wait to see what Carol creates next!  😀


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