Pat’s Monoprints!

YAY!!  I had my first Individual Art workshop last night!

In case you didn’t see this post, I created a unique workshop experience called Individual Art, whereby one can choose between seven different techniques: Collage, Printmaking, Monoprints, Embroidery, Encaustic, Dyeing, and Papermaking.  Here’s the poster for the workshops (and you can sign up HERE):

Individual Art poster PDF

Well, the same day that I announced I would be holding these workshops, my friend Pat signed up for the monoprinting medium!  It was fantastic.  We worked non-stop for three hours and he made some of the most beautifully striking monoprints!  Check out his prints, here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We worked exclusively with the Gelli Plate last night for our monoprints. I like the Gelli because it’s very forgiving and if you’re new to monoprinting, it just makes it more fun.

I was so inspired by these prints because Pat works differently than I do, and with a completely different palette. He did lots of layering and experiments with edgy lines and scratches. Watching him work made me want to try different colors myself!

Pat told me that as soon as he got home, he ordered the 8×10″ Gelli plate for himself. YAY! I count that as a successful workshop! Thanks, Pat! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pat’s Monoprints!”

  1. Now I’m getting even more excited about me first class! Hold onto your hats people…Mel is going to blow you away teaching a photographer to let go of the control of a camera and put her creativity to work! Yah, I can’t wait!


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