Individual Art Workshops!

I’m really excited!  I just developed a new way for me to teach my classes, called Individual Art!  🙂

A little background about me – I ADORE teaching workshops.  It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been teaching for SIX years now!  My first class was thanks to my friend Carolyn Brady, whom I met because of our mutual love of ATCs (Artist Trading Cards).  She heads up our live trading group in Milwaukee, and the Kewaskum Public Library wanted her to teach a class there.  It’s quite a hike from where Carolyn lives to that library (about an hour and a half drive), so she very kindly suggested that I teach the class. I very nervously agreed.  That was in May of 2009.  That class did several things for me: it boosted my confidence in public speaking; it got my name out there as an instructor; and I made a lot of new friends.  (On a coincidence of coincidences side note – the head librarian at Kewaskum, Steev Baker, is my good friend Nina‘s brother in-law (he’s married to Nina’s sister), which I didn’t even know at the time!  Even crazier – Steev’s sister in-law, Harmonie (who’s married to his twin brother Dan), was involved in the ABK Weaving Center in Milwaukee, where I’ve also done classes!  Just goes to show you that the art world is indeed a very small one!)

WHEW!  Okay, on to my new classes!  This new (to me) idea has been percolating for a while.  It was born out of the reality that we are ALL so busy, and there are many folks who wanted to take my workshops but were working or didn’t want to drive the distance to wherever I was teaching (I have a “have supplies, will travel” approach to workshops – I’ll go wherever someone wants me!).  Well, here’s the new format!

Individual Art poster PDF

I’ve chosen seven different media from which to choose – my “bestseller” workshops.  And it seems to be a fairly decent idea – I’ve already had three people sign up for six different classes, all in the last three days!  😀

The best part about these classes is that they’re catered to YOU.  For example, one of the people taking the classes is a photographer.  So I will be showing her how to utilize these media for her needs.  It’s a great feature that you just can’t get in a large workshop.

My first class is this coming Monday.  I can’t wait!!  If you live in the Fond du Lac, Wisconsin area and are interested in taking one of my workshops, you can sign up here.  I’m excited to begin!  😀


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